Healthier skin, a more youthful look

Vibraderm™ next-generation technology utilizes a patented vibrating paddle to remove the top layer of skin—reducing the thickness of the epidermis and increasing the permeability of the skin. This creates an easier environment to stimulate the collagen and elastin within the dermis.

Enduring Youth features mid-depth Chemical Peels safe for all skin types. Particularly effective for acne and sun damaged skin, patients can obtain a fresh, healthy facial glow.

Acne Treatment regimens designed specifically for each client may include topical products and peels.

Sun Spot Removal  — The gentle light pulses of the XEO IPL system erases sun spots and pigmented lesions on the face, hands, chest, arms and legs. This treatment targets only the pigment imperfections, leaving normal skin unaffected.

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Advanced skin rejuvenation  •  Non-surgical facial enhancement — Botox™, dermal fillers and more



Beauty and Health in Harmony

"Now I absolutely love my skin! Not only are my freckles gone, but my skin is tighter and looks younger. I'm a loyal customer for life!" — K.S.